GoshenCoin (GXP) is your secure and decentralized payment system that offers fast, low cost transactions anywhere in the world.

GoshenCoin offers you:

  • Payment for goods & services online & offline
  • Secure payment platform using blockchain
  • Instant payment and confirmation (60 seconds block time)
  • Receive money from anywhere in the world
  • Business oppportunities for you
  • Store of value

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GoshenCoin Projects

GoshenCoin SOUL is the Blockchain Service Provider that offers support for merchants, users, and partners, to easily build applications on the platform using GoshenCoin SOUL API tools.
It is fundamental to every transaction done within the system, ensuring speed is not compromised even as transactions increase on the Blockchain. Transaction costs also remain at the barest minimum, so GoshenCoin can remain suitable for micro payments and utility bills.
The GoshenCoin SOUL also facilitates the GoshenCoin Escrow System (GES) in third party transactions, direct exchanges between GXP and other currencies. This platform also supports remittances- swift, easy, and low cost transfer of funds.

GoshenHub is your preferred Cryptocurrency MarketPlace for consumers of cryptocurrency products and services. Buy with GXP at NO TRANSACTION COST except 0.001GXP Blockchain transaction fee.

GoshenCoin Wallet WordPress Plugin and Adapter extension lets you integrate the GoshenCoin wallet daemon with your WordPress site. With it you can easily accept GXP as mode of payment on your WordPress store

GOLD as Dust is a Premium Cryptocurrency Membership-based club where you learn about the fundamentals and workings of cryptocurrency, how to profit from crypto trading and investment, and interact with other crypto enthusiasts.

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