GoshenCoin – Simple Payments Anywhere

goshencoin imageGoshenCoin (GXP) is your secure and decentralized payment system that offers fast, low cost transactions anywhere in the world. GoshenCoin was created to provide a payment platform with ease-of-use for everyone, easy integration of third party applications and services, and 6-Minute conversion of GXP to other currencies and cryptocurrencies.

GoshenCoin offers you:

Payment for goods & services online & offline
Secure payment platform using blockchain
6 minutes conversion of GXP to other currencies
Instant payment and confirmation (60 seconds block time)
Receive money from anywhere in the world
Easy to use by users, merchants and third party applications
Excellent store of value

Technical Specifications of GoshenCoin

Name of Coin – GoshenCoin
Short Name/ Ticker – GXP (Greater Good, Xcellence, Prosperity)
Algorithm – Scrypt
Total Supply – 52,000,000 (52 million)
Total Available Supply – 13,753,915.260009GXP (as at 06/10/17)
Block Reward – 50GXP
Block Time – 60 seconds (1 minute)
Block Re-target – 1,440
Transaction fee – 0.001GXP Halving – 1 year

GoshenCoin Projects

I. GoshenCoin SOUL is the Blockchain Service Provider that offers support for merchants, users, and partners, to easily build applications on the platform using GoshenCoin SOUL API tools.

II. GoshenHub is The Crypto MarketPlace, created to service the growing cryptocurrency space

III. GoshenCoin Wallet WordPress Plugin and Adapter extension lets you integrate the GoshenCoin payment gateway into your online store. With this you can receive GXP as mode of payment.

IV. GOLD as Dust is a Premium Cryptocurrency Membershipbased club where you learn about the fundamentals and workings of cryptocurrency, how to profit from crypto trading and investment, and interact with other crypto enthusiasts.

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