Cryptocurrency Has Potential to Create Millions of Jobs for Nigerians

jobsI have always wondered why cryptocurrency is believed by many to be an untoward way of doing business. Simply because many “business owners” chose to use it as a former of payment for their schemes, and a result people have perceived it in a bad light.

I believe that the Internet is the biggest technological revolution of our times, after that, it is the blockchain technology. Blockchain will change the way we transact business forever. Do you know that this technology has layers of security that can never be humanly hacked? More secure that the systems the banks currently have in place. Also, the blockchain allows anyone you transfer digital asset from one person to the other.

For example, if I wanted to transfer a music file from me to you, after the transfer, I will still have a copy of the music file, while you possess the one I sent to you. But using the blockchain technology, I will transfer the music file to you, and not retain any copy. There is so much potentials with the blockchain, and peer to peer payment is the very first implementation.

Nigeria has a lot to benefit from this technology, the government says they want to provide millions of jobs, the blockchain can help with this. I will state some of these job opportunities in this thread, and I’m ready for your questions.

Job opportunities like

  1. Programming
  2. Database design and development
  3. Mining
  4. Network administrator
  5. Linux Administration
  6. Trading
  7. Investing
  8. Web design and development
  9. Marketers
  10. Social media drivers
  11. Exchangers
  12. Trainers
  13. Blogging, etc

And virtually every job that is associated with finance and technology industries. The good thing is that this technology possesses network effect, ie the more users join, the better the value to existing users.

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