Cryptocurrency has being steadily on the increase in recent times, with the success of Bitcoin solving payment problems associated with today’s banking system.

Cryptocurrency is used mainly for payments, as an asset class that appreciates over time (investment), and traded on exchanges to profit from the upward and downward price movements.

A number of cryptocurrency trading exchanges have sprung up to service the growing cryptocurrency community of investors and traders. Below are some of the popular ones:
1. Bittrex
2. Poloniex
3. Yobit
4. Luno
5. Localbitcoins

In view of the supporting facts on the growing need of cryptocurrency trading exchange platform, we propose the design, development, deployment, and administration of our own online trading platform,
Conventional cryptocurrency trading platforms allow you to make profits mainly in a bullish market – buy low and sell high.
On Chrygx, you have the opportunity profiting in any market trend, either bullish or bearish markets – buy low and sell high or sell high and buy low.

As a trader or investor, you earn in multiple ways on Chrygx
I. Trade GXP/BTC pair, and other altcoins on our easy-to-use trading window, with instant trade
executions, and very minimal trading fees.
II. Short sell available cryptocurrencies on the exchange window, where you can earn profit from selling the cryptocurrency at a high price and buying back at lower price.

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