4th Life

4th Life

What is 4th Life?

4th Life is an initiative designed to promote the welfare of participants through accessible health insurance, education scholarships, business funding up to $10,000, and a recurring income stream from commissions earned.

4th Life uses the Network Marketing business model to recruit and reward participants on the platform, while making use of GoshenCoin (GXP), a trusted cryptocurrency, for registration payment and bonus payouts.

What is GoshenCoin and What are the Benefits of Using it for 4th Life Registration?

GoshenCoin (GXP) is your secure and decentralized payment system that offers fast, low cost transactions anywhere in the world. GoshenCoin is a payment platform with ease-of-use for everyone, easy integration of third party applications and services, and 6-Minute conversion of GXP to other currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of GoshenCoin (GXP)

  1. Payment for goods & services online & offline
  2. Secure payment platform using blockchain
  3. 6 minutes conversion of GXP to other currencies
  4. Instant payment and confirmation (60 seconds block time)
  5. Receive money from anywhere in the world
  6. Easy to use by users, merchants and third party applications
  7. Excellent store of value

GoshenCoin (GXP) is best payment platform for 4th Life because of its universality and accessibility to virtually anyone on the face of the earth. GoshenCoin can be bought from any of our Merchants listed in the How to Join section, trading exchange https://www.novaexchange.com/market/BTC_GXP/ from local exchanges and/or peer-to-peer from members of the GoshenCoin community.

There are 4 types of benefits enjoyed in the 4th Life reward system

  1. Matrix bonus – This is bonus earned from your downlines. For 1st Life, you have 2 downlines, 14 each for 2nd and 3rd Life, and 6 downlines for 4th Life. The table below shows how much you earn as Matrix bonus from each downline in the different stages.

4th Life Compensation table

Matrix bonus earned on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Life are used to upgrade to the next stage. Eg. 1,000GXP Matrix bonus earned on 1st Life is used to upgrade to 2nd Life. Only 6,000GXP earned on 4th Life stage is retained by you, though with an option of registering in 1st Life again for the next season.

  1. Referral bonus (commissions) – This is the bonus you earn from your own referrals i.e A new member that signs up with your referral ID. You earn the referral bonus on a new signee only on the 1st Life, which is 100GXP. Referral bonus in subsequent levels are earned by their uplines.

4th Life Compensation table

There is no limit to the number of people you can directly refer. Since the program operates a forced matrix system, your downline will get the spillover as their own downlines.

  1. Incentives – Benefits received for performing a particular job excellently, or outstanding performance in a given area. A typical example is a mobile phone, table, laptop, or car gift for the highest recruiter in a given month. Incentives vary from month to month.
  2. Benefits – Benefits that accrue to you for completing a particular stage. These benefits are present in all the stages except the 1st Life where only referral bonus is earned. The table below shows the benefits received from 2nd Life to 4th Life.

4th Life Compensation table

The 4th Life Compensation Plan rewards participants at the 4 different stages for participants who successfully complete them.

4th Life Compensation Plan

4th Life Compensation table


How Do I join 4th Life?

1. Sign up for your GoshenCoin wallet on https://wallet.goshenco.in and get a wallet address. This wallet will be used to receive, send, and store your GoshenCoin (GXP).

2. You will need to fund your GoshenCoin wallet with at least 1,001GXP. Buy GoshenCoin (GXP) with Naira from any of the merchants below:

I. BTcomms – 08099944225, 09061968052
II. Bloomspring – 07063703176, 08066023277
III. Cypex Ventures – 08028428092, 08188889576
IV. Kadesh Global – 08053676354, 08177745926

3. Pay registration fee of 1,000GXP from your wallet to the wallet address GXLdX5YJhMcPErQDq1uRhyPGKjoNam536J

4. Go to 4th Life to fill the registration forms and add the transaction ID (txid) which is your proof of payment. To get the transaction ID for your payment, copy your wallet address and paste in the Search box on GoshenCoin Explorer you will see a long string of numbers under the column “Hash”. This is the txid needed for confirmation.

5. Once your registration is received and payment duly confirmed by 4th Life, you will receive notification via email/phone of success of your registration. 6. Refer at least 2 persons to enjoy the rich lifelong benefits that 4th Life offers. This is also an opportunity for team building and mentorship as you help your downlines succeed in this business.

Note: Each participant must have a unique GoshenCoin wallet, this is where their bonuses will be paid into.

Terms and conditions apply.

Contact details +2348188889574, +2348169108009

Facebook page @4thlifesocial contact@4thlife.org, 4thlifereg@gmail.com