Basic Facts about GoshenCoin

Name: The short name for GoshenCoin is GXP, but it’s possible that a lot of people do not know that GXP is actually an acronym with a full meaning.

The term GXP stands for: Greater good, Xcellence, Prosperity.

Total Supply: The overall total supply that GoshenCoin can ever attain is 52 million; this means that after 52 million coins have been created by mining, no new coin (GXP) can be mined.

Block Reward: The block reward of Goshencoin is 50GXP.

Block Time: The amount of block time that is required for Goshencoin confirmation on the blockchain is 60.

Transaction Fee: For every transaction of Goshencoin, the blockchain transaction fee is 0.001GXP.

Halving: The amount of Goshencoin that is mineable is usually halved once in a year, i.e. if 100,000GXP is mined in 2017, only about 50,000GXP will be mined in 2018.

The available total supply of GXP at the time of this writing is about 15 million (exactly 15569949.24961259) units of the coin.
The Goshen Project is a global initiative with the goal of adding value in a unique number of ways, to all stakeholders. The GoshenCoin is a product of this initiative, and it is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange system for communicating value among users.

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